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EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are recordings of voices (and sometimes other sounds) that cannot be explained by the normal sounds that were present in the room at the time, and many times were not heard by the people who were present.  They only show up on a tape recorder or digital recorder upon review later on.  In some cases, the voices appear to be responding to a question asked by a member of the group.  Are these ghosts talking?  Sounds caught in time?  Or simply quirks of the recording medium?  We'll leave it up to you to decide!


This EVP was recorded at the sewing shop on the "Haunted Macomb" tour, Oct 2009. This is the original recording, which we jokingly referred to as the "ghost fart"



This is the same EVP as above from the sewing shop, only we have used Adobe Soundbooth to slow it down approximately 300%. It almost sounds like someone saying "Hello?"



This EVP was recorded by Sylvia while on a ghost hunt with GUARD (Ghost Unit Analysis Research Detection) at the Old Bailey House in Macomb, IL in October, 2009. She very much enjoyed the investigation. If you listen closely, she asks, "If you're around, move anything, anything you can" (encouraging the ghost to show some sign of its presence). She then gets what sounds like a reply of, "NO." then footsteps walking away, then "Why do it?" !